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Policy on Retention of Credit Card Information: Fees are collected on behalf of Weights and Measures by a financial services company, FIS. Your credit card information is collected by FIS. Your credit card information is not provided to Santa Clara County. Therefore, your credit card information does not appear on, and is not retained on, the Santa Clara County network, computers or data storage systems.
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Why a convenience fee

The convenience fee is added to cover the fees charged and collected at the time of the transaction by credit/debit card companies and financial institutions for the use of this service. The fee amount is based upon a percentage of the transaction.

If you elect to pay by credit or debit card, please be aware that these fees are added to your transaction. If you elect to pay by e-Check, there is no convenience fee.

The current fees charged in the County of Santa Clara are:

e-Check: No fee

Credit Card: No fee

Debit Card: No fee