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Welcome to the improved Sheriff Fingerprint Appointment website. This is a secure website to schedule fingerprinting appointments for individuals needing licenses, permits and certificates.

Please Read These Instructions

  1. Your requesting agency is responsible for providing the necessary information on the Request for LiveScan form.

  2. If you have LiveScan forms from more than one agency or your agency has given you forms with different job titles and/or ORIs, you must make an appointment for each "Request for LiveScan" form.

  3. If you are unable to make two appointments around the same time, please appear for the first appointment and tell the LiveScan operator that you also have another appointment. The two appointments can be handled at the same time if time permits.

  4. If you make a mistake on your personal information, it can be corrected at your appointment.

  5. If you are unable to print the appointment or other forms, please show up for the appointment and show your email confirmation or email reminder and we can print the forms for you. Bring any original paperwork from your agency.

  6. The system will send a confirmation email and a reminder email one day before your scheduled appointment, please check your junk mail.

  7. Data entry information:
    * Help text displays on the left of the page when you hover the mouse over the fields
    * Fields are formatted to minimize data entry errors
    * Displays instant error messages above the fields when you type invalid characters. You may skip the errors and correct it later
    * Error messages are displayed on top of the field that has an error
    * You can delete data in a field by highlighting it and press Backspace or Delete buttons on the keyboard

  8. If you need to cancel an appointment, call the facility where your appointment is scheduled:
    * Cupertino (408) 868-6614
    * San Martin (408) 686-3651
    * San Jose (408) 808-4760