Track Provisional Ballot
(Ballot Number Example: E111111)

If you cast a provisional ballot on Election Day, you are entitled to learn if your provisional ballot was counted or if not, why it was disqualified. Only these voters can view their confidential results.

On Election Day, you were given a Provisional Voter Receipt. On that receipt, the Election Officer wrote your Provisional Voter Identification Number. Please enter this number to view the results of your provisional ballot.

If you voted a provisional ballot and were not issued a receipt or a Provisional Voter Identification number: Please call (408) 299-8683 or toll-free (866) 430-8683 for assistance.

If your ballot was rejected, the lookup will display the reason for which it was rejected. You were asked to vote a provisional ballot due to at least one of the following reasons (Elections Code Sections 14310 and 14311):

  • Your name was not on the Official Precinct Roster Index, and eligibility could not be verified on Election Day.

  • Records indicated that you had requested an absentee ballot, which you could not surrender to the election officer.

  • HAVA First Time Federal Voter - you did not meet the identification requirements of the Help America Voter Act of 2002. Completing the Provisional Voter Affidavit and casting a provisional ballot on Election Day qualified you for further federal elections in Santa Clara County.

  • You are a registered voter in Santa Clara County and have moved within the county and did not re-register (Fail Safe Voter).

  • You voted with a different party ballot that did not match the political party registration listed next to your name in the Roster Index (Primary Elections only).

If you have any questions or need further assistance,
Please call (408) 299-8683 or toll-free (866) 430-8683 for assistance.